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St. Patrick's                       M, W, F                 3:30pm   -   4:30pm                  363-7570

St. Joseph's                       Saturdays             9:00am  -   10:00am                 363-3280

New Life                               T,  Th                  1:00pm  -     3:00pm                 363-8531

Church on the Rock              W                    11:00am  -     3:00pm                 280-2890

New Hope                          3rd or 4th            6:30pm  -     8:00pm                 363-8227

DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO IS HUNGRY?  Our deacons provide Food Sense orders for families WHO ARE IN NEED OF HELP.   However, these must be ordered one month in advance. Please see any deacon or  call  John Merritt, our church secretary at 363.7590

To help those who come to our attention after the order is placed, we’d like to share our own church’s monthly communion contributions of food.  Please pass the word that on committee meeting nights, the first Monday of each month at 7pm -- anyone in need may come gather from our church’s food offerings in the board room.  Any food left will be shared with our local food banks.  This has been our tradition for years and began as a VBS outreach with biblical ties.  Thanks to all those who contribute food each month!  Finally, thanks in advance for helping our deacons learn of those who need help.  

First Presbyterian Church
304 Broad Street | Oneida, NY 13421 | PH: (315) 363-7590

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 12:30pm